Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo Health Facility

El Centro View 01-1.jpg

Cost: $25.7 million

BCCC NMTC Allocation: $8 million

Sponsor: Pacific Medical Buildings

Investor: JPMorgan Chase

Location: Imperial County, CA

Description: The Clinicas de Salud El Centro Health Facility (“Clinicas”) will be a 44,310 square foot integrated medical facility to house Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo, a non-profit minority-controlled Federally Qualified Health Center. Clinicas is a community/migrant health center that was established in 1970 to provide healthcare services to farm workers in Imperial County, California. The new facility is planned to allow Clinicas to expand its medical, radiology, and behavioral health departments, expand its training internship program and add new services to include dental, pharmacy, and ophthalmology. Clinicas will provide primary care, dental care, mental health and laboratory and radiology services that will serve over 19,000 patients, including an estimated 17,480 low-income patients (92%) and an estimated 16,720 minority patients (88%) annually.